Journal of Healtcare Management: Digital Edition

Volume 61, Number 6
November/December 2016

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Interview with Ramanathan Raju, MD, FACHE, FACS, President and CEO of NYC Health + Hospitals
Bita A. Kash


Winning at Quality and Safety: Do You Need a Chief Quality Officer?
John Byrnes


Ready, Set, Go: Helping Physicians Move to Value as MACRA Begins
James J. Pizzo, Robert W. Pryor, and Robert W. York


Theoretical and Methodological Issues in Research Related to Value-Based Approaches in Healthcare
William N. Mkanta, Madhuri Katta, Karthika Basireddy, Gary English, and Maria C. Mejia de Grubb
Practitioner Application: Elizabeth W. Brady

Association Between Employee Earnings and Consumer-Directed Health Plan Choices
David William Jordan and J. James Cotter
Practitioner Application: Jill Fragoso

Using Time-Driven Activity-Based Costing to Establish a Tariff System for Home Health Care Services
Adelaide Ippolito, Silvia Boni, Ettore Cinque, Annarita Greco, and Salina Salis
Practitioner Application: Nicolas CarmonaIII

Management Lessons for High-Functioning Primary Care Teams
Erin E. Sullivan, Zara Ibrahim, Andrew L. Ellner, and Lindsay J. Giesen
Practitioner Application: Daniel A. Handel

Abstracts From the Forum on Advances in Healthcare Management Research