About ACHE



Public Policy Initiatives

ACHE supports and leads a number of initiatives that advance healthcare management excellence and improves the delivery of healthcare. Within this arena, a primary activity for ACHE is education of healthcare executives about the public policy field and how to be effective in the public policy process. Further, ACHE works to raise awareness of the role of healthcare executives to policymakers and other key stakeholders.

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Public Policy Campaigns

Enormous demands placed on healthcare executives will continue to be formidable, given shifts taking place in the healthcare delivery system. ACHE urges its members to be proactive and to translate social values into workable healthcare programs.

Organ Donation AwarenessACHE—in support of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services "Gift of Life" initiative—urges our members to advocate organ and tissue donation and to develop donor programs in their own organizations.

Public Policy Education

ACHE's annual Congress on Healthcare Leadership is our premier event for providing public policy education for healthcare executives. At Congress, you and your peers have the unique opportunity to discuss pressing national policy with issue experts. In addition, sessions are held that address how healthcare executives can effectively influence policy formation.

Periodically, ACHE may provide audio conferences on current policy issues. Please check this area and the distance learning brochure for additional details.