Recertifying as a Fellow

Fellows are required to recertify every three years. Recertification maintains the integrity of the ACHE credentialing program and helps ensure ongoing commitment to professional development.

Is it time to recertify?
ACHE will notify you when you are eligible to recertify. When you are eligible, you will be given access to the online recertification application from My ACHE. The application will not be available until it is time for you to recertify.

Stay on track!
It is a good idea to periodically check your continuing education hours which can be done at My ACHE.

Recertification Requirements

  • Retake and pass the Board of Governors Examination in Healthcare Management.
  • OR
  • Completion of 36 hours of Healthcare Management Continuing Education credits since your last advancement or recertification; 12 hours must be ACHE Face-to-Face Education credits. The remaining 24 hours can be either ACHE Face-to-Face or ACHE Qualified Education credits.
  • AND
  • Participation in two healthcare activities.
    • Examples of healthcare-related activities may include educating the public about healthcare topics, volunteering at clinics and health agencies, volunteering at blood drives or awareness walks, service to local and national healthcare-related organizations, such as board or committee participation, or other related activities.
  • Participation in two community/civic activities.
    • Examples of community/civic activities may include participation in charitable organizations, religious organizations, school boards, community boards or other related activities. These activities can be one-time events or short-term commitments.
  • Recertification Fee
    • The fee to recertify is $200. This investment in your career ensures you continue to be recognized for achieving the highest standard in healthcare management.