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ACHE is governed by a Board of Governors that serves the usual functions of a board of directors. The Board of Governors appoints the president and chief executive officer of ACHE, who leads the staff organization and serves as a nonvoting member of the board. In addition, the board consists of three Chairman Officers and 12 Governors. The Governors and the Chairman-Elect are elected by the Council of Regents, most of who are directly elected by Members, Fellows and Life Fellows. The Board of Governors sets the strategic direction of ACHE through the strategic plan, annual budget and organizationwide performance objectives.

The Council of Regents is organized into six districts as depicted on the map below. These district organizations work with chapters, the higher education network and others in the local healthcare community to deliver programs, products and services to healthcare executives, faculty, students and the supplier community. Chapters and the Higher Education Network are contractual partners who are not part of the ACHE governance structure. The staff organization supports the district organizations and also works with content, valueadded and hospitality partners to deliver additional programs, products and services.

Please use the links at the above left to learn more about ACHE's leadership. If you are unsure of which district you are in, please see the map below.

District map

District 1 District 5 District 4 District 5 District 5 District 6 District 3 District 2 District 5