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Sharing the value of ACHE is easy!

Encourage Colleagues to Join:

  • ACHE is made up of many facets of healthcare leaders, including hospital CEOs, CFOs, department administrators, nurse executives, physician executives, IT executives, long term care executives, health insurance professionals, healthcare consultants and more! Remember, a minimum of a bachelor’s degree and a commitment to the healthcare management profession is required to join.

Click on the Tell-a-Colleague Button to personalize an e-mail to your colleagues about the value of ACHE!

Tell-a-Colleague enables you to personalize and send an e-mail message to your colleagues highlighting the key benefits of membership with a link to the online application.Click on the button below to instantly share the value of ACHE with your colleagues!

Tell a colleague about ACHE

Here are some other effective ways you can encourage your colleagues to join:

  • Send an application to the potential new member’s work or home. You can download an application or contact ACHE’s Customer Service Center at (312) 424-9400 or contact@ache.org to request that an application be sent directly to the individual. Don’t forget to write your name on the cover!
  • Encourage them to apply conveniently online by including the online application link in your e-mail or letter.
  • Share your positive ACHE experiences during a coffee break at an education or chapter program or send a personal e-mail inviting them to join.
  • Mention ACHE services that pertain specifically to their interest areas, like the Early Careerist Network or CEO Circle. Special interest areas can be found on the homepage of ache.org.
  • Send them a copy of Healthcare Executive magazine to show just one tangible benefit of membership.
  • Don’t forget to follow up! Like all of us, your colleague may get busy and simply forget to join ACHE. Set a reminder on your calendar to follow up on this important career decision.