How to Earn Leader to Leader Rewards

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Leader to Leader REWARDS!

All ACHE Members, Fellows and Faculty Associates can earn rewards as part of the Leader-to-Leader Program. It's simple—just have your colleague reference you in the designated area on their application. And for easier recognition, fill out and distribute these Leader-to-Leader referral cards to ensure that you receive the credit you deserve for sharing the value of ACHE.

Recruit a Member → 1 point

When you are listed as the referral name on a new Member application, you will receive one point for recruiting that new Member when he or she becomes a Member. Sharing the value of ACHE is simple and effective through the Tell-a-Colleague button. Tell-a-Colleague enables you to personalize and send an email message to your colleagues highlighting the key benefits of membership with a link to the online application.

Tell a colleague about ACHE

Advance a Leader → 1 point

When you are listed as the referral name on a Fellow application, you will earn one point when he or she meets all of the Fellow requirements.

  • Tip: A quick email with the link to the credentialing area containing details on requirements, study resources and online applications. This may be all the encouragement your colleagues need to take the next important step for their career advancement.

Your points will expire on December 31 of the year following when respective points were earned.

You may redeem your points anytime before they expire. Please note that your balance may not exceed 50 points at any one time.