ACHE Special Programs


Special Program Information

ACHE Special Programs are offered at various locations around the country throughout the year. Special Programs are designed and geared toward our members' career interests and provide focused education and unique networking opportunities.

Board of Governors Exam Review Course-Spring 2019

Participating in ACHE's Exam Review Course is one of the best ways to gain the confidence and knowledge you need to successfully pass the Board of Governors Exam. Faculty experts provide in-depth information on the 10 key knowledge areas covered on the Exam in this 2½-day program. You will receive 19 ACHE Face-to-Face Education credits and a waiver to take the Board of Governors Exam.

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Leaders Conference 2019

The Leaders Conference is for emerging healthcare executives to position themselves as visionaries within their organizations, communities and ACHE. The two-day program will leave you inspired and better equipped to handle your organization’s critical issues and leadership challenges.

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Retooling for the Future in Healthcare Operations: The Changing Roles of Leaders- 2018

Healthcare roles at the executive level are evolving and overlapping to address the changing environment of healthcare delivery. Retooling for the Future delivers content that enables healthcare leaders to prepare for the leadership positions that future healthcare models require.

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