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Put On-Location Programs to Work... at Work!

Bring an ACHE Seminar On-Site.

American College of Healthcare Executives (ACHE) seminars cover a range of healthcare management topics and are a convenient, cost-effective way to ensure the continuous development of healthcare management teams, ACHE Chapters, state or metro hospital associations, alumni groups, or other organizations interested in developing healthcare knowledge.

ACHE's On-Location Programs offer:

Customized Learning: Choose from a variety of ACHE programs to meet your learning objectives. Programs can be customized.*

Efficiency: Eliminate travel costs and minimize participants' time away from the office. As a sponsoring organization, you can offer high-quality, ACHE programming in conjunction with another meeting to optimize use of time and resources.

Expert Faculty: ACHE On-Locations Programs are presented by faculty who are experienced educators and practitioners. They provide in-depth information and use proven problem-solving techniques to address the issues facing healthcare executives and their organizations.

ACHE Support: Staff will work with you to ensure a successful event that meets your objectives. They will support you by coordinating faculty, materials, evaluation tools, and more.

General Program Description

ACHE offers a full roster of seminars to chapters, healthcare organizations, the military, state and regional associations, and other organizations through On-Location Programs. This approach allows the sponsoring organization to:

  • Save on travel expenses and time.
  • Schedule high-quality professional development seminars at a time and in a location that is most convenient to them.
  • Customize a seminar to meet organizational needs.
  • Leverage organizational resources and make wise professional development choices on behalf of the organization.
  • Receive all the benefits of ACHE programming, including access to expert faculty and ACHE Face-to-Face education credit.

The first step is to contact the ACHE On-Location Program Specialist, who will assist you with your learning needs. At least four to six months advanced planning is recommended. Please allow at least two to three weeks for ACHE staff to match your learning needs with available faculty.

* For more information about ACHE's On-Location Programs, please contact Catie L. Russo, program specialist, Division of Professional Development, at or (312) 424-9362.

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