ACHE Qualified Education Credit


Pre-Approval of ACHE Qualified Education Credit for Organizations

The American College of Healthcare Executives (ACHE) offers its prestigious FACHE credential, signifying board certification in healthcare management. One of the requirements to earn, and maintain, the Fellow credential is to demonstrate 36 hours of continuing education credit. While 12 hours of this credit must be ACHE Face-to-Face Credit, the remaining 24 hours can be Qualified Education Credit.

Qualified Education Credit is defined as credit that is earned through ACHE, our chapters or other educational organizations whether the program is administered in-person or via distance offerings (webinars, online seminars, etc.). This education must be directly applicable to the practice of healthcare management. Content that focuses on inspirational, clinical or technical aspects does not qualify. Further, any promotion and/or endorsement of a specific organization's programs, products or services must not be included.

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ACHE offers organizations the opportunity to offer Qualified Education Credit as a way to promote their programming to ACHE members who are seeking credit for advancement or recertification.

Regardless of whether an event is pre-approved for Qualified Education Credit, all attendees must self-report their attendance in order for this credit to be applied toward their advancement or recertification as Fellows of ACHE.

Therefore, this pre-approval is only advantageous for organizations that offer their educational programs publicly and are looking to market the availability of Qualified Education Credit to draw attendance. There is no advantage for organizations to gain pre-approval for programming that is only available to internal employees as they can still self-report their attendance for credit and pre-approval is not necessary.

Application Requirements

Only not-for-profit organizations, whose primary mission is education, are eligible to be pre-approved to offer Qualified Education Credit. ACHE reserves the right to decline approval for any organization that is deemed to be a direct competitor of ACHE.

Educational programming must be offered publicly. Education that is offered only for internal staff training purposes does not qualify.

The organization must offer at least three separate educational events per calendar year. Multi-session meetings count as one event. The same program offered multiple times only counts as one event.

If approved, only the organization that applied can offer Qualified Education Credit. The approval cannot be shared with other partners, sponsors, etc. The only exception to this is when programming is provided jointly. The approved organization must be substantively involved in the development, delivery and evaluation of the event in order to offer credit. If the other party in the partnership carries responsibility for the development, delivery and evaluation of the event credit cannot be offered unless this organization obtains their own approval.

Any subsidiaries, departments or divisions of the organization that would offer credit under the approval must be reported at the time of application or they are not eligible to offer credit.

Reporting Requirements

In order to maintain approval, organizations must provide annual reporting on the events that are offered for Qualified Education Credit. The reporting template may be used or event brochures may be submitted in lieu of the template as long as attendance numbers are also forwarded.

Reporting will be audited and any inappropriate usage of credit or ACHE's corporate identity and/or non-reporting is grounds for revocation of approval.


The application fee is $1,500.

Once accepted, applications are valid for three years and the organization is authorized to provide Qualified Education during this time span without any additional level of approval provided that all reporting requirements are met.


Mail check and enclosures to:

Credentialing Manager
American College of Healthcare Executives
300 S. Riverside Plaza, Suite 1900
Chicago, IL 60606-6698


  • Application for Pre-Approval
  • Event Reporting Forms (minimum 3 events)

Download an application for preapproval (PDF) of ACHE Qualified Education credit.

Effective Jan. 1, 2016